Producing Industry-Ready Professional Pilots at Air Hawke’s Bay

Air Hawke’s Bay specialises in providing fixed wing flight training for both domestic and international students. Our Flight Academy operates a fleet of aircraft and simulators specific to the needs of the aviation industry. With our shareholder being the owner and operator of the aerodrome provides economic benefits for our students with no landing and airway charges for local flying, unrestricted airspace that allows training fluency and less down time due to possible other air traffic services.

Talented commercial pilots are in demand globally, and we pride ourselves in offering a range of flight training options that will not only develop and bring out the best in a student pilot, but give our students a distinct advantage in preparing themselves for their first aviation employment position. Our unique internship programme has assisted our graduates with high employment success rate. They are now flying in various sectors of the aviation industry across the globe which is testament to our pilot training programmes and success.

With Air Hawke’s Bay having been in the aviation education market for over 80 years, our flight training students become part of an enthusiastic and well developed aviation community culture. We understand that it is an important step in identifying a suitable pilot career pathway and selecting a preferred training provider. Our experienced team of aviators are committed to helping you make those important decisions best suited to your needs. Lets us launch your career pathway as a commercial pilot. Click here to view our Prospectus.

Pete & Jordan

Air Hawkes Bay’s reputation for turning out quality candidates through our internship programme is resulting in a higher success rate of employment and would be viewed as the leading attribute. The internship programme provides additional outcomes over and above the Diploma prescribed outcomes.

Cockpit Training

A New Zealand Pilot Licence is an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Pilot Licence. When you qualify as a pilot in New Zealand you obtain a New Zealand Pilot licence which carries widespread international recognition.

Air Hawkes Bay Flight Training

Air Hawke’s Bay has an approved dedicated air transport service, certified by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to charter to most destinations within New Zealand. Available seven days a week, aircraft range from a single engine to a multi engine. Sight seeing flights can also be arranged.

Hastings Aerodrome

Air Hawke’s Bay specialises in providing full-time integrated fixed wing pilot flight training for both domestic and international students, and air charter services.