Welcome Students from Hong Kong

Hawke’s Bay looks forward to welcoming you to start your flight training with our expert team. There are many significant benefits of completing your flight training in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand which include:

  • Student fees are Government protected
  • It is a challenging and testing environment that will allow you to experience a wide range of flight conditions
  • Plenty of clear airspace over spectacular and diverse landscapes and seascapes, meaning that our pilots enjoy a lot of flight time
  • Experience varied weather patterns
  • Air Hawke’s Bay has experienced and passionate world-class trainers
  • Air Hawke’s Bay has an outstanding success record with graduates employed around the World
  • International Civil Aviation Organisation recognised aviation licences
  • Hawke’s Bay (and New Zealand) is a place of friendly welcoming people and is safe and secure by international standards
  • Air Hawke’s Bay offers courses with competitive costs

A New Zealand Pilot Licence is an International Civil Aviation Organisation Pilot Licence. When you qualify as a pilot in New Zealand you obtain a New Zealand Pilot licence. As New Zealand is a signatory to the International Civil Aviation Organisation our licences enjoy widespread international recognition.

The normal procedure to validate an International Civil Aviation Organisation Pilot Licence, like the New Zealand Pilot Licence, in another country is to:

  • Produce your logbook and Pilot Licence to the Licensing Authority
  • Complete some validation theory examinations (Aviation Rules and Law are always included)
  • Complete a Check Ride/Flight Test for validation

New Zealand Pilot Licence is similar to (European) Joint Aviation Authority Rules Pilot Licence

The United Kingdom with the other European Economic Community countries and seven other European Countries have transferred to a common Joint Aviation Authority Rules and a common European Pilot Licence. The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority have restructured our Pilot Licenses to bring them into line with the Joint Aviation Authority Rules and the USA Federal Aviation Rules Certification and approval is now required for Flying Training Organisations.

You will find the New Zealand Pilot Licence very like, if not the same as, the Joint Aviation Authority Rules Pilot Licence. Any Joint Aviation Authority Rules Pilot Licence flying requirements not included in the New Zealand Pilot Licence flying requirements will be made available at Air Academy Hastings, if students wish to complete the Joint Aviation Authority Rules requirements.

Study to Work

On completion of our Diploma in Aviation Level 6 courses students will be eligible for 12 months Post-study Work Visa (Open). Job offer is not required for this visa and you can work for any employer in any position. Upon securing relevant job offer, students will qualify for a further Post-study Work Visa (Employer Sponsored) for 2 more years.

Living Expenses

It is a visa requirement that you show evidence of funds @ NZD $15,000 per annum for your living expenses in New Zealand (lodging, boarding, transport, entertainment, communication) unless you are sponsored by a New Zealand Citizen or Residence Class Visa holder.

Visa Assistance

We will work with you to arrange your student visa.

Travel & Medical Insurance

Travel and Health Insurance is mandatory and we will arrange your insurance cover for the entire length of the course.

Accommodation and Transport

We offer modern furnished accommodation with all utilities and amenities within 5 minutes drive of our academy.

Admission Requirements

We provide ab-initio training. You do not need prior ground training or flying experience to join us.

  1. Age 18 years at commencement of training
  2. High School with good grades
  3. Good English language skills (IELTS 6.0 in Academic module)
  4. NZ CAA Class 1 Medicals
  5. Pass our online Pilot Pre-Screening Test (ADAPT)*

*ADAPT is an online test, costs NZ$70 and takes 10 minutes to complete. It assesses whether you have the physical skills and personality to be successfully trained as pilot. It is a test of your natural ability to learn and process information. You can stop and start the test at any time and can re-sit the test, if required. For details and to take the test, visit http://www.nzskillsconnect.co.nz/

Intake Dates

We have 2 intakes each year, one in February and one in July.

Fee Payment

Tuition fees are payable only after you receive Approval-in-Principle for your student visa.