Flight Training NZQA Update

Flight Training NZQA update – what happens once the National qualification is approved? Will there be an accreditation process? ATTTO advise that under the current rules any provider training to a National qualification has to be accredited via the appropriate ITO to deliver the qualification/s. Ahead of clear policy guidelines from NZQA relating to any accreditation requirements for the new New Zealand Qualifications, ATTTO’s Quality Manager is working to both get this clarification and to put in place practical plans that will mean any accreditation process that might be required is made as simple and un-bureaucratic as possible for providers.

It is anticipated that existing Training Providers who deliver a two year programme will be delivering two different qualifications in 2012 – will this cause any complications with TEC/NZQA? ATTTO’s response is that: ‘as with any transition process with qualifications there is always a period where the old ones remain and the new ones begin. Our suggestion / discussion with NZQA was that as soon as the two New Zealand Pilot quals are registered on the framework, we will re-engage with providers to work through any issues relating to the transition to the two new quals (and the associated expiry of related local quals.)