NZ Diploma in Aviation

The New Zealand Diplomas in Aviation (Level 5 and 6) are established qualifications designed as a result of an industry wide review. The introduction of these qualifications complies with NZQA’s new objectives which are to remove the division of training courses and provide more consistency with the pilot training syllabus and outcomes. The qualification has been designed with three strands that are directed towards specific employment pathways. Air Hawkes Bay is approved to deliver all three  strands.

NB: We have constructed our training programme that allows students to be accredited with two qualifications i.e. (Level 5 and Level 6) within the two years.

Click here for further information on the following strands:

  • General Aviation Strand (Level 5) – tailored for Part 135 Air Charter and other Air Transport operations
  • Instructor Strand (Level 6) – specific for Part 141 Instructing organisations
  • Airline Strand (Level 6) – tailored for Part 125 and 121 Airline operations


Course entry requirements

All students applying to enrol in any of the above programmes will need to undergo a selection process which involves submitting an application form with supporting documentation and have completed the ADAPT pilot pre screening assessment. This involves a 10 minute online assessment which analyses both physical and cognitive skills and is located on this link

Thereafter, successful applicants who meet the entry requirements will be invited to a full interview with Air Hawke’s Bay management staff. Click here for more information.